Mediafocus Agencja Reklamowa PORTFOLIO


an affiliation programme and an advertising campaign




  • Key Visual
  • Graphic design
  • Print production
  • Web Design with a data base and an SMS module
  • A tutorial video
  • Fanpage service
  • An advertising campaign on and the Google search engine

In 2015 the Danish company Flügger commissioned us to prepare and execute a communiqué of a training cycle under the shared name “The Representation of High-Tech Contractors at Flügger.” Very quickly we were ready to attack – creation, DTP, production of materials, fan page communication and execution of the advertising campaign on and on Google - were all part of our brilliant tactics!

The communication aimed at attracting as many companies as possible to the mini website of the initiative, where companies from the building and renovation sector could use an online entry form to register for training sessions in 12 different Polish cities. Within a month of starting, more than 300 companies had participated in the sessions! The results exceeded the Client’s expectations.

We’ve won again!

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