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Galeria Bałtycka

brand service since 2007


Galeria Bałtycka


  • Communication strategy
  • Planning and media purchase
  • Creation
  • Key Visual
  • Website execution and service
  • Newsletter execution and service
  • Execution of fashion shoots 
  • Graphic design
  • Print production
  • Radio production
  • Banners www (HTML5)

Galeria Bałtycka is the second Gdansk brand after Alfa Centrum, managed by ECE Projektmanagement Polska - both serviced by our Agency.

We have been cooperating with the Client for the past 10 years, being in charge of communication strategy, which we have also prepared for the Galeria Bałtycka brand.

Our briefs include planning and purchase of selected media, developing the creation for the years to come, execution of fashion shoots as well as day-to-day support of the Marketing Department at the Galeria Bałtycka centre.

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