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Inwestycja Północ

Inwestycja Północ

At the request of P.C.S.P. Bochen, we have prepared "from scratch" an information brochure regarding the plot of land put up for sale, developed with a complex of production and service buildings, with an area of c.a. 8,000 m2.

Our tasks included:

- analysis of the source information received and conducting research on available additional data and key information

- preparation of the substantive content of the study along with the creation of the name of the investment and the development of its graphic sign

- taking a photo session with the use of a drone for the needs of the above-mentioned brochure with author's supervision

- preparation of the graphic design of the brochure in the electronic version (interactive pdf file) with photos and graphics as well as links

- industry translation along with the adaptation of the prepared brochure into English

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