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Join us!

Join us!
It started with a brochure...
Due to the fact that more and more employees from abroad come to our country, we decided to familiarize them with the basic facts about our country, so that they take appropriate clothes adapted to the weather. We quickly prepared and printed an information brochure for the employees of the new GEA factory coming to Koszalin from India and Bangladesh.
We followed suit...
JOIN US! - this slogan, thanks to us, appeared in Koszalin on the fence of Fabryka Przyszłości belonging to the international concern GEA. From the idea, design, through production and assembly, and... Koszalin has become even more sunny and colorful. The same slogan also appeared on... a city bus!!! In just a few days, we managed to prepare the project, commission production, complete the formalities related to the lease, install and ... go on tour ... The bus, like the previous banner, aims to promote the GEA brand and their modern factory and help recruit employees in this stable, global corporation that guarantees employment stability, career and professional development. Fingers crossed!
On the other hand, on 27/02 - 1/03 we had an indescribable pleasure to organize an integration and training meeting in Koszalin called Talent Pipeline for employees of GEA group companies from several European countries. Talent Pipline brings together GEA employees who have a development program in the company - one of the elements of the implementation of this plan was a visit of a group of about 50 people to the new GEA factory in Koszalin. Our task was to organize and coordinate the event with the addition of integration elements and team building. In addition to the official part, our guests took part in a city game specially prepared for them, during which, divided into smaller groups and wearing company "clothes", they got to know Koszalin and its history.
IT WORKED GREAT! The weather, as in most events organized by us, was great as usual!
A big thank you to the entire team working with us on this project, the Fundacja Nauka dla Środowiska (Science for the Environment Foundation) - without your help and commitment we wouldn't have made it :)