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Share The Fun - a new sales concept!

Share The Fun - a new sales concept!

HoReCa sector, despite heavy pandemic and post-pandemic times, cannot stand boredom :) Together with Aviko, we have prepared materials promoting the Share The Fun concept, which is a response to social trends related to socialization and spending time together in a group of friends, family and friends.

Share The Fun - share the fun and food!

The concept assumes the use of the wide range of Aviko snacks to create unique, diverse and delicious sets, guaranteeing restaurants to count portions and costs, distinguish themselves from the competition and generate additional profits.

Our task was to adapt this idea and create a package of many promotional materials in several languages to promote the concept on CEE markets - e-books with recipes, their printed versions, promotional leaflets, graphics for digital campaigns, branding elements used during the fair.

Another tasty realization!