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We always land on all fours;)

We always land on all fours;)

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Our online store is passionate about dogs. This online merchandizing idea was inspired by Beza and Fejmos, the beloved Four-Legged Friends, whose owners – Wiktoria and Daniel – supply them with a selection of the best and... most tasty treats. Their experience and dedication provided the foundation for the family business.

Building an online store...which online tools are required? Where to begin? Is it expensive? 

It all depends on your needs, because different e-commerce platforms are utilized for smaller shops, and others are required when you anticipate your turnover to run into millions.

Before you contact our Agency, it is a good idea to spend some time on planning your business premises, because they will determine which solution will be best for your business: a tailor-made option, a subscription-based one, or maybe an Open-Source platform will be sufficient for your needs. 

This last option was ultimately chosen for, the online store with accessories designed specifically for the four-legged companions.

PrestaShop, because we are talking about this platform, is an optimal solution for those who have reached a stage when they are ready to sell under their own brand, but who also do not have a large budget at their disposal for the start.

It is a good solution for those who have mastered the basics of e-commerce and who also wish to sell abroad. 


The range of services: 

  • logo with the brand book
  • www website design (desktop and mobile)
  • store design based on PrestaShop
  • hosting