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C-Eye. Effective campaign on

C-Eye. Effective campaign on

For one of the start-ups from Gdansk we have conducted a targeted advertising campaign on of the specialized C-Eye device. The communication was addressed to medical institutions taking care of patients with neurological injuries, professionals who need C-Eye for working with such persons (e.g. physiotherapists) and to individual recipients who are carers of mute persons.

The campaign’s objective was to inform of an effective solution for communication with mute persons, namely C-Eye, and to generate as much traffic on the website as possible. Here are the outcomes of our campaign on

  • 800% more enquiries about tests of the device compared with the period preceding the campaign (cost of the test is PLN 500)
  • 100% more visits to the website compared with the period preceding the campaign
  • 150% more fans on the @C-Eye fanpage

The results of the selected video format advertisement:

  • CTR 5%
  • Number of persons who have seen the advertisement: 477, persons
  • Number of shares of the advertisement: 835
  • Number of comments under the advertisement: 54
  • Number of likes of the advertisement: over 1,300 persons
  • 6,000 people saw the entire video (lasts for over 3 minutes)
  • The advertisement was appraised against its level of activity, we achieved an impressive net cost of PLN 0.01 for engagement per advertisement.